Golden Horde
Guild Meeting
Date: 14.03.16 12:34 - Autor: Gigawatt - Comments 5



GUILD MEETING 14.03.2016

18:30 o´CLOCK


Date: 26.01.16 11:10 - Autor: Gigawatt - Comments 6



GUILD MEETING 26.01.2016

20:00 o´CLOCK


Holiday Christmas Break
Date: 11.12.15 17:26 - Autor: Gigawatt - Comments 6
Christmas Break


Many of our members and leaders are gone for visiting their family or going on holidays a.s.o. over Christmastime.


So the point is:

We are going to make a break till the


14 January 2016


Don´t leave, don´t think we will never come back

this is only a break.


No representation of the guild is needed till the 14th.

On Friday the 15th of January Xerkulle and Amka are going

to make a big after christmas raid on EBG. So i hope everyone

of us will be there.


Remember to put your Origin, Battle.Net or Steam Account names on the

Spreadsheet (Email-Overview) or send me a PM so i can put it for you, if you want to play other games with our members.

Please write what you are going to play behind. Maybe we can grow up to an international multigaming clan!



"Till then  merry christmas and a happy new year !!!


Yours Gigawatt

Earning Hero Points in World vs. World
Date: 20.10.15 02:59 - Autor: Storm - Comments 13
Earning Hero Points in World vs. World

by Tyler Bearce on October 19, 2015


Greetings, Tyrians!

As part of the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ release, we’ll be deprecating current liquid world experience consumables and adding a new system to World vs. World in which players can complete all of the hero challenges in the game without leaving WvW. We’re doing this because we want WvW players to have the opportunity to earn their profession’s elite specialization entirely by playing WvW.

Scrolls of Heroics
  • As you gain rank in WvW, you’ll earn new Proofs of Heroics items.
  • These proofs can be spent at the new heroics notary vendor, located at every WvW spawn point.
  • The vendor sells new consumables called Notarized Scrolls of Heroics and Notarized Scrolls of Maguuma Heroics, as well as superior siege weapon blueprints.
  • When consumed, these scrolls will complete one random hero challenge in either Central Tyria or Maguuma, respectively.
  • Combining 1 proof and 30 Badges of Honor yields 1 Notarized Scroll of Heroics.
  • Combining 5 proofs and 150 Badges of Honor yields 1 Notarized Scroll of Maguuma Heroics.
  • Once a player has unlocked all the hero challenges in a region, its associated scroll will no longer be available for purchase.
  • Any scrolls purchased above the cap can be consumed to refund the purchase price.
  • Notarized Scrolls of Maguuma Heroics will be unavailable to players who do not ownGuild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

The addition of these new items means you can do every hero challenge in the game by exclusively playing WvW if you wish!

Changes to Liquid World Experience

In the interest of fairness to PvE players, we didn’t want to allow any WvW players who may have been stockpiling liquid world experience to instantly rank up a bunch of times and immediately begin unlocking the new expansion hero challenges the moment the expansion released. To that end, we’re making the following changes to liquid world experience:

  • On patch day, any leftover liquid world experience consumables in player inventories or banks will be converted into 50% WXP booster consumables.
  • These WXP boosters vary in duration (15 minutes to 10 hours) depending on the type of liquid world experience item replaced.
  • The laurel vendor will no longer sell liquid world experience.
  • Daily WvW achievements now reward 20-minute general experience boosters rather than 250 liquid WXP consumables. These experience boosters are consumed immediately and grant boosts in all game modes, boosting experience, world experience, and Player vs. Player rewards.
  • In all other locations, liquid world experience consumables have been replaced with new, automatically consumed instant world experience consumables of equivalent value. While it’s still possible that on a rare occasion you’ll earn a keg of world experience, it’ll just be consumed instantly.

We’re excited to have a new system for players to earn hero points while playing World vs. World! We believe the changes to liquid world experience to be a worthwhile trade-off, and we can’t wait for you to join us in unlocking our elite specializations as we bathe in the tears of our defeated foes!

See you on the battlefield!


Finaly the Commander UI
Date: 30.09.15 14:11 - Autor: Gigawatt - Comments 6
Introducing Enhanced Squad UI





At TwitchCon this past weekend, we announced the enhanced squad UI—a brand-new feature designed to help you organize your friends, guildmates, and motley assortment of compatriots everywhere massive armies want to be. You’ll be able to see the UI for yourselves very soon, but in the meantime we have an overview of what the system has to offer. Let’s check it out!


What Is Enhanced Squad UI?

Enhanced squad UI is a tool we’ve built to help you manage large groups of players in all areas of the game. Whether you’re leading forces to victory in World vs. World, coordinating to take down the challenging bosses found in raids, or driving back threats to Tyria’s open world, the enhanced squad UI will make your life easier.

Players with commander tags will be able to create squads of up to 50 players that can be split into as many as 15 subgroups. The commander can broadcast to any of these subgroups individually or to the whole squad at once, and commanders can organize the subgroups with a simple click-and-drag interface. You’ll be able to see each squad member’s name, profession icon, health bar, downed or defeated status, and whether they’ve confirmed after you initiate a ready check. In WvW, you’ll also see the supply carried by each subgroup, as well as the total supply available to the entire squad, as long as you’re in the same map area as your supply-carrying squadmates.

Permissions can be set by the squad leader to allow potential squad members to join at will, to request permission to join, or to require an invitation to join. Additionally, invite privileges can be restricted to the squad leader or opened up to the rest of the squad.

It will no longer be possible to be in a squad and a party at the same time, but just as in a party your entire squad will be shown on the map, with special icons for your subgroup. You can even use squads to taxi large groups of players across megaservers to ensure that everyone’s in the right place at the right time.

If a commander invites someone in a party to their squad and the joining permissions are set to open invitation, the rest of the party will be invited as well; if joining permissions are set to invite only, the commander will receive a recommendation to invite the rest of the party. And if you happen to have a troublemaker in your squad, you now have the ability to remove them!

When a commander leaves a squad they own, they can choose to hand off leadership to another player with a commander tag. If no new commander is designated, leadership will be automatically offered to another player with a tag. The squad will remain together—albeit leaderless—if no other commander exists to take control.

Squads are necessary to enter raids, so don’t worry—if you don’t have access to a commander tag, you’ll still be able to create a leaderless, raid-ready, invite-only squad of 10 players.

You’ll get the chance to try out enhanced squad UI for the first time during our third Beta Weekend Event. Because the feature is still under development, we want to prepare you for a few minor differences between the version you’ll be testing and the version you’ll have access to at launch. Calling a target (default CTRL+T) is currently squad-wide, but will be changed to work within a subgroup at launch. Leaderless squad functionality will not be enabled until launch, so you can pick up a Commander Compendium for your beta character at the entrance to the raid. Finally, there will be some disruption in the way squads work when the beta begins and ends. If you’re in an existing version of a squad when the beta event begins, we encourage you to disband and form a new squad. If you’re in a squad using enhanced squad UI when the beta event ends, disbanding and forming a new squad should help iron out any lingering incompatibility.

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